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2024 Parent and Player Meeting ~ Wednesday, May 22nd

6:00 PM - Runnin' Rebels

6:30PM - Razorbacks

7:00 PM - Rebels

7:30 PM - Rays

8:00 PM - Renegades


A mandatory player and parent meeting will be held prior to the start of any team activity. This meeting is essential to communicate important legion information, complete paperwork, pay fees, and pick up uniform pants. Players and parents will also meet their coaches and hear information specific to each team.



All players who are placed on a team for the upcoming season are required to complete a registration packet. Copies of these forms are posted below. To speed up the registration process, it is helpful to print the documents and have them completed prior to attending the meeting.  If you don't have the ability to print them, copies will be available at the meeting. 


Players must provide an original or certified copy of their birth certificate in order to participate in legion baseball.  This is a national requirement and no exceptions can be made.  Birth certificates will be kept secure in a team binder and returned to you at the end of the season. If you do not have an original or certified copy, one can be ordered through the Idaho Vital Statistics office (or the state of record for your player). Requesting this early is important as there is often a long processing time. Players will not be allowed to take the field without this document on file. 

If you need assistance completing forms or have any other questions, please contact us via email at or contact one of the board members. 

This is the Player Agreement (Legion Form #2).  This form should be completed in its entirety and signed by both the player and a parent or guardian. Completed forms are not currently required to be notarized.  Please remember to complete ALL items on the front and back of the document. It is important to include players insurance carrier and policy number.  Under "School Enrollment", list the grade your are currently completing (2019-2020 school year). 

This is the Player Drug and Alcohol Policy.  This form should be completed by entering the team name that the player has been assigned in the blank on the first page, and completing the information on the second page. The agreement should be signed by both the player and their parent or guardian. This policy will be discussed during the player and parent meeting.

This is the Dual Participation Form.  This form should be completed by any player who is requesting approval to participate in any sports-related activities outside of the Pocatello Legion Baseball season.  This includes such activities and team camps, clinics, showcase games, and school sports programs. Activities should be listed on the form with us much information as possible.  Submitting the form does not automatically allow participation. Activities must be reviewed and approved by the team's head coach before permission can be awarded. This policy will be discussed during the player and parent meeting.

Parent Packet 2024


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